That time South Charlotte got almost 2 feet of snow in 2004.

One of the biggest snowstorms in Charlotte history started on this date 13 years ago today. In an amazing 2 days of snow that saw the city come to a standstill at noon time on the 26th when everyone left work and school at the same time. We saw 2 waves of snow with this storm. One during the day and another at night into the 27th. We even saw thunders now several times throughout the event.

I remember it so vividly, driving to work the morning of the 27th with my jeep in 4×4 mode and the snow being over a foot deep on most of the roads on the way into the station.. The city and county at the time only had like 4 plows and the snow was so deep people were just bottoming out their cars. You actually needed plow not brine or salt to get this heavy snow off the roads.

Records set during this storm:

Charlotte set a daily snowfall record on Feb 26, 2004 of 11.6”. This was also the 3rd biggest one-day total on record.

The storm total at the airport was 13.2 “ the 3rd biggest storm in city history.

The heaviest amounts were just south of Uptown Charlotte in south Charlotte and  into York County. Rock Hill and Winthrop University recorded about 22” of snow. This was York Counties biggest snow on record and a top 3 storm in South Carolina state history.

 Maps of snowfall from NWS GSP and RAH:

26Feb_snowmap (1)



 Satellite Image of the snowcover:


Pictures I took the morning of Feb 27th, 2004

  • Greg Simmons

    We have pictures of the two igloos we built in the neighbor’s yard. Both were between 5 and 6 feet tall with plenty of room inside for 2 adults. I have the best pic of my daughter lying in the entrance tunnel to one of them.

  • We knew we were being transfered up here for months but no until June. I practically cried when I heard about this big bunch of snow and that I was missing it.

  • uranianplutonian

    I remember being stuck for hours on 21 with a friend after leaving work in Ft. Mill and trying to make it back to Rock Hill.

  • Jason Hill

    Wow, what a great winter storm! Called in sick to work, me and my buddies drove up to Sugar Mountain to snowboard the epic powder. We saw all our CLT friends on the slopes. What a great time!