3 Rounds of Severe Weather This Week

Today is the calm before a very stormy week ahead. Take this time now to prepare for 3 separate rounds of severe weather and combined all of them will produce a Flash Flood Risk as well.

Remember each wave of storms could impact the next wave so don’t let the severity or lack of severity of the early rounds make you let your guard down.

So let’s get right into it with a 10 min video discussion of the scenario.

Severe WX Threat this week


Important to remember!!!


Be Prepared not Scared!

  • Have multiply ways to get warnings. One is not enough! A minimum of 3 is what you need. smart phone app, social media, TV/Radio, NOAA Weather Radio, web sites, Text messages etc. WeatherCaster App
  • Charge all cell phones and tablets
  • Have plan for the entire family at school, work and home. Does every one know where to go in case o a tornado?
  • keep bike helmets, baseball, snowboard or any other helmet near by for protection during a tornado warning. Especially for the kids!
  • Have a flashlight with fresh batteries.
  • Full tank of gas
  • Some cash handy
  • Prescription medicine nearby and stored.
  • Bottled water and some no perishable food items.
  • Insurance information for home, auto and medical safely stored and ready to use if needed.
  • More tips here—> http://www.redcross.org/prepare

Round #1: Monday scattered strong to severe storms!

This is the lowest threat day but still worth watching as a warm front moves north with deeper moisture. Storms could form along the warm front and even an isolated supercell.





Tuesday Round #2: The highest risk of all the days

The threat by evening looks like our highest tornado risk of the entire week. Loads of shear which means potential supercells or rotating thunderstorms. The only really question will be recovery of the atmosphere after some early morning storms. Remember each wave of storms could have impacts on the subsequent wave so stay weather ready regardless of what you see in Round 1 or 2.



This is the part to watch these tornado ingredients are very high Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning.



Round #3: Overnight into Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

We could see many smaller rounds overnight into the morning hour Wednesday. Always a concern as it’s nighttime and people are sleep. Make sure you have our Weathercaster App or a NOAA weather radio to wake you up for possible warnings.



Again seeing these types of significant tornado ingredients in the early morning hours is never a good thing. This is a case where the shear is so high the lack of daytime heating won’t matter as much to keeping the storm strong to severe.



Final Act: Flooding!

Even if we escape anything to bad from winds, hail or tornadoes. The wave after wave of thunderstorms will bring very heavy rain. This threat along is something that could impact far more people as 5 day rainfall totals could be from 5-7”. Where storms train over the same areas again and again Flash Flooding will be a huge issue.