5 Charts that show how hot this summer has been in Charlotte.

It’s no shocker that this summer has been really hot so far. Especially when you consider how mild that the past two summers were in Charlotte. Don’t just take my word for it or let your memories decide for you lets look at the hard truth in the numbers. 

All the following charts are for the summer only which means June-August, which is the meteorological measure of summer. You probably didn’t know that weather records for seasons are based on the three whole months of each season. Winter is Dec-Feb, Spring Mar-May, Summer Jun-Aug and Autumn Sep-Nov. All those “official” starts of seasons are astronomical and not used for weather records or climate data. Remember too that the records in Charlotte go back to 1878, so we have 137 years of records. Plus again remember all this data is for the summer only, June-August, not for a whole year.

The average Temperature for this Summer so far:

This is the best and standard way to measure how warm or cool a season is. So far this is 3rd hottest summer on record since 1878 in Charlotte. You can also see we still have 40 days left in the summer. Geez!

2015-07-23_8-38-042015-07-23_8-37-39The average high temperature this summer:

This might be the most impressive stat this summer. Even with 40 days left this summer we have had an average high temperature of 92.4° which is the highest on record.

2015-07-23_8-39-102015-07-23_8-39-30Number of 95° or highs days:

This is pretty high on the list considering we still have 40 days left. This summer so far 23 days and county of 95° plus which is good for 12th most. Remember this is just summer Jun-Aug there have been years we have had highs number if you include May and September.

2015-07-23_8-40-082015-07-23_8-40-25Days with the high temperatures 98° or highs:

This is most impressive since we have 40 days left to go!

2015-07-23_8-40-512015-07-23_8-41-14The number of days 100° or highs:

This is pretty high up there for 100° days sitting at #6 all-time just for the Summer. In 1954, we actually had 10 days of 100° but 2 of those occurred in September that year which is the most for any calendar year.