A 100 foot wide asteroid will buzz by the earth on March 5th

An asteroid named 2013 TX68 could pass within 11,000 miles of the Earth on Saturday, March 5th. The asteroid is about 33 yards long, or the same length of the longer extra point in the NFL this past season.


How close is that? Pretty close by astronomical standards but still about 6835 miles away. Though us well within the Orbit of Geostationary satellites that are usually about 22369 miles away from the earth. NASA was able to calculate that it will not impact the Earth, but you never know bout impacts on satellites at this close range. They were not able to track it long enough to get enough information about it’s precise trajectory. So it could be even farther away, maybe as far away as 9,000,000 miles. It also could come as soon as March 2nd or as last as March 8th.


Next 5 closest approaches: