• Deanna Brown

    Wow, thats interesting!

  • Anonymous

    Gee thanks Brad!!!

  • Shannon

    You are by far the best meteorologist the Charlotte area has! Thanks so much for your love of the weather and for your very accurate forcasts!

  • Brad

    Shannon, thank you very much.

  • Matt Prater


  • Matt Prater

    Haha, that's exciting! Love the Cold. Thanks for sharin. Thanks to you, instead of just seeing the forecast, I get to understand it now too! Fun stuff! Thanks again!

  • Tar Heel Fly Fishing

    Now all we need is a little moisture to interact with the cold!

  • Brad

    Tar Heel, I wish that the one part of the forecast that's still in questions not sure there will be enought for piedmont snow. The mountains though will see a nice blast of snow. This should allow for the ski resorts to opne next weekend for sure!

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