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Autumn really started 3 weeks ago Meteorologically

While your calendar says, today is the beginning of Autumn it actually started two weeks ago Meteorological. For weather and climate purposes Fall/Autumn actually started back on September 1st even though astronomically it starts today. So why do meteorological and astronomical seasons end on different days? In short, it is because the astronomical seasons are […]

A look ahead to the PGA Championship weather

So we are now just one week away from round one at the Quail Hollow Club and the PGA Championship here in Charlotte. So the questions start, What will the weather be like? It’s still early, but I’m starting to have some ideas on what we might see. 

Birds showing up in Doppler Radar

The past two mornings there have been a large number of birds showing up on doppler radar. While it is not uncommon to see birds occasionally on radar, the signatures have been very large and very pronounced the past two days. It would appear the early warm weather has caused not only the plants to come out […]

It’s time we move on from a 0% & 100% climate change debate.

There is no more a cringe-worthy question that I get than this. “Do you believe in Climate Change/Global Warming?” I’m always like here we go, the answer is simple. No, I do not believe in climate change, I know there is climate change. It’s a silly question actually because there is no belief system involved. What you believe […]

Charlotte Snow Facts

Less than two weeks from Christmas and with another arctic blast on the way people are thinking about winter weather. In particular, snow and ice in the Charlotte region. Of all the weather I have to forecast snow might be the one thing that people ask and talk about more than any other. I think […]

The dry pattern maybe finally changing next week.

Over the past 45 days in Charlotte, we have seen a total of just 0.05″ of rainfall. In there we had the 4th longest dry streak in 138 years. Well, it finally looks like next week the pattern will start to change. The jetstream starts to become much more active with deeper troughs moving into the Southeast.