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Wells Fargo Championship Weather History

The Wells Fargo Championship celebrates its 14th  year in Charlotte this week. With round one starting Thursday. It has gone by a few other names in the past but here’s a look at the weather for every single year dating back to 2003 and some other weather facts:

Frost & Freeze Protection

With a freeze warning in effect tonight and possible frost again tomorrow. There are a few things you can do today to help prevent damage to your garden. Temperatures tonight will drop to around 28°-32° for 1-3 hours. Tomorrow night they will drop into the low mid-30s for a few hours. Tonight is the bigger […]

Resist the urge to plant the tender stuff early

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in our early taste of Spring like weather coming over the next several days. The highs all week will be in the 70s. Even so it’s still only early March and while the grass, trees and even some flowers have already started to show signs of growth. It’s […]

Why today is the end of winter Meteorologically.

Today is the end of winter as far as climate records and meteorologist are concerned. I know what you are saying, though, “Hey Brad, my calendar says March 20th is the 1st day of Spring!”.   However, in the meteorological and climatological world, winter ends today. So why do meteorological and astronomical end on different […]

Grading my Winter Storm Forecast: 2/15/2016

As you know I keep very detailed records of my forecasts and like with our last winter storm I like to grade my work. This is so I can learn from mistakes and find ways to do better the next time. So let’s quickly recap yesterday’s storm and give me some grades. Snow Accumulations: 93% […]