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Cold Winter for the Great Lakes

The NWS in Marquette MI writes: Due to the recent cold spell and below normal temperatures for much of the winter of 2008-2009, ice covers nearly all of Lake Superior. Only small areas of open water remain. This image was taken on Tuesday, March 3rd. If arctic air does not return in the next couple […]

March in like a Lion… I’d say so!

Picture from Air Star 36 over Gaston County, NC What a  wild Sunday and start to the turbulent month of March. March is often a crazy month and this storm should leave no doubt. I working on compiling all the totals and data and hope to post something later today or tonight. Depends on how […]

Guest Blogger

http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/02/25/a-short-primer-the-greenhouse-effect-explained/#more-5853 “Watts up with that” is probably one of my favorite blogs around and enjoy reading Anthony’s writings daily, so I’m linking to a great primer on the green house effect explained. Enjoy!

Home Snowmaking with these arctic temperatures

About 3 years ago I decided to make a homemade snowmaker similar to those that are used at the ski resorts in the North Carolina mountains. My wife thought I was a nut but she already knew I was a little off when it came to science and weather. Part of me did it because […]

Coldest Air in 4 years for the Charlotte area

Arctic air is invading the country this week and most areas will see the coldest air in over 4 years. The Charlotte region hasn’t seen an arctic outbreak like this since 2005. That was the last time we had a high temperatures below the freezing mark. In January 29, 2005 we only had a high […]

Interesting mid week storm

Been watching this storm for the better part of a week and the details of this storms are still not entirely clear. The GFS has been all over the place and while it was the first to pick the storm up it has also has been the most inconsistent. It looks like we will see […]

What a difference a year makes

One of those things I like to check to see wether things are going to get colder or not is the amount of cold air in Canada, the Arctic and Siberia. The amount of cold air is highly depended on the amount of snow cover and ice cover over the polar regions of the northern […]

Weekly Winter Updates

With some recent computer troubles I haven’t been able to update nearly as much as I’d like that will be changing next week. Check back for weekly winter forecast for the north Carolina and Virginia mountains as we continue this epic start to the winter/ski season in the southeast! As always you get my daily […]

Cold November could mean December snow!

The cold air of November is now leading to a cold December. November was the coldest November in Charlotte in 32 years and the 5th coolest on record. It’s early this month but we are already 9 degrees below average just 5 days into the month. Now we turn our eyes towards our first chances […]

Cold air is here to stay!

This early Arctic blast is just a taste of what is yet to come to the Carolinas. A series of impulses kind like mini cold fronts will come down this week each one bringing colder air for everyone and snow showers to the mountains. Even though there isn’t as much moisture to work with in […]

Heavy Rain moving in

Warm and moist air is surging northward with a warm front that is bringing is some very heavy rain. There could even be some thunder late today and earl tonight as the warm front moves in from the northwest. There are already some flood advisories down in Columbia, SC with this rain. The next big […]

Brad’s Winter Forecast

Brad’s 2008-2009 Winter Forecast for the Southeast                 Let’s face it; if you like cold and snow in the southeast the last 6 years have been very inconsistent to say the least. We have had bouts of very cold weather only to be interrupted by very mild weather for weeks on end in the December-March […]

Rain Stuck in the Foothills and Mountains

The rain is just plain having a hard time getting to the Charlotte area. The only thing to fall so far has been drizzle. It might take till this afternoon for more of the rain to reach the piedmont and we may have to wait for the second front tomorrow. This one could bring strong […]

Rain is coming…

It sure is taking long enough, but rain will eventually arrive here in the Carolinas tonight. Dry air at the surface is hard to overcome but the high level clouds are the sign that things are getting more moist with time. These clouds will thicken throughout the day and by tonight rain will arrive. Temperature […]

Cool October 2008

October 2008 was a very cold month for the Carolinas and most of the nation. October for the state of North Carolina was the 23 coolest on record, which goes back 114 years. South Carolinas had the 23 coolest October on record as well. In Charlotte this was very cool by October standards with a […]

My New Blog

Working on posting a few things every week. The first will be my two very short weather articles that I write for the Charlotte Observer every week that appear in the weathers section of the paper. These are short and only about 150 words, so I hope to use my blog to expand on those […]