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Moon & Solar Halos: Rainbows around the sun

Today’s high clouds are casting a nice 22° halo over Charlotte. These halos or rings around the sun or the moon are not very rare at all but often when people see them for the first time they are amazed. They form through a pretty simple process thanks to high cirrus clouds at around 20-30,000 […]

Astronomy and sky watching highlights for Charlotte this week.

Thank you to NASA ambassador Tony Rice for providing the weekly Astronomical highlights for Charlotte. You can connect with Tony right here Highlights 09/10 Venus will be within 4º of the crescent moon, rising about an hour before sunrise 9/13 There will be a partial solar eclipse beginning at 06:41 UTC but it will be […]

Tropical Storm Erika needs to be watched

Unlike Danny, which was doomed by dry air and shear almost from the get go. Erika’s path is into an area were slow, but steady intensification is likely. If Erika makes it through the dry air and shear of the next 48-72 hrs and gets into the extreme southern Bahamas, then it will be able […]

What El Nino could mean for Charlotte this winter.

So by now we have all seen the headlines about the strong El Nino that is building. Most people probably aren’t entirely sure what El Nino is let alone what a “Godzilla” El Nino means. (Side not I hate headlines like that).  So let’s talk about what El Nino actually is and what it could mean […]

Best Meteor shower of 2015 is this week!

We have many meteor showers throughout the year, but here are 2 that I always look forward to the most. They are the Perseids in August and the Geminids in December. These 2 meteor showers tend to produce the highest rate of meteors per hour. These 2 usually produce around 80-120 per hour in very dark […]

A Blue moon is coming Friday

The saying goes, “Once in a blue moon”, as a way of saying something that is rare or doesn’t happen very often. In this case, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month when we typically only have one. Which is the modern definition of a blue moon. There is an older […]

Possible rocket body reentry seen last night.

I received numerous reports of what people thought was a shooting star or what many knew was something breaking up on re-entry into our atmosphere. It’s clear from the pictures, and some video that I received that it was some piece of either space junk or an old rocket body re-entering the atmosphere. 

This June heat wave in perspective

It’s been hot and it’s been hot early this summer but how rare is this type of heat in Charlotte in June? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Over the past week starting on Sunday, the high temperatures has remained at or above 97°. We have tied or broken 3 record highs […]

York County Funnel Cloud Tuesday June 9th, 2015

Yesterday at around 6:15 pm EDT a series of small showers rapidly developed in central and northern York Co. These showers weren’t severe and other than the dangerous cloud to ground lightning they started to produce, they were frankly very tame little thunder showers. Yet they managed to produce an odd type of funnel cloud.

Sub-Tropical Storm Ana forms.

Well, it has a name but the overall impacts from Ana have not changed at all. The main threats will be from rip currents for swimmers and the potential for flooding rains near the coast. What Ana won’t have is a whole lot of wind and little to no storm surge.

Skywatcher and Astronomy highlights for Charlotte

Thank you to NASA ambassador Tony Rice for providing the weekly Astronomical highlights for Charlotte. You can connect with Tony right here Highlights Russian ground controllers have given up on regaining contact with the Progress M-27M. The craft is expected to reenter within the next weeks. Odds are this will happen over water. NORAD is […]