Charlotte Has 2nd Warmest March on Record

For most of you the fact that we had a warm March isn’t a shock, but that fact that is wasn’t number one on the list might be. March 1945 will remain the warmest on record in the Charlotte weather records which go back to 1878. It was the warmest March since the official weather station was moved from Uptown to the airport in 1939.

Below are all the number which includes the warmest average high temperature ever in March.

4-1-2012 9-24-18 PM

86° was the warmest high temperature all month on the 29th. The lowest temperature was 24° on March 6th. March 2012 also had 10 days above 80° which was the most ever in the month of March, which was 8 more than average. The irony was we only set one record high and that was 83° on March 14th.

The rest of the area.

The rest of the area was equally warm. While Charlotte only made #2 in our record books the following cities did have the warmest March on record.

  • Boone
  • Hickory
  • Lincolnton
  • Chester, SC
  • Blacksburg, SC

We weren’t alone the rest of the Southeast was very warm as well. This maps shows the rankings of other locations compared to their warmest March on record. Notice all the 1’s you see meaning that all those locations had their warmest March on record.

March mean temperature rankings.

4-1-2012 9-20-56 PM

Maybe even more amazing was the departure from average. Below is the map of all the locations with their departure from average in degrees Fahrenheit.

Departure from average.

4-1-2012 9-22-06 PM