Cold and possibly stormy pattern setting up for late next week.

I talked about the cold, and now there are signs that storminess could be coming with that cold. It’s still very far out, but the pattern is starting to evolve to one that should bring winter weather to the eastern part of the country. Possible even parts of the Carolinas. 

The Video Discussion:

The Maps:

Part 1: The Cold Air

I talked earlier this week in my other blog post about the cold coming. There won;t be just one wave but several shots pinwheeling down from the Arctic. The 1st blast arrives Monday, but a reinforcing shot arrives midweek.

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Part 2: Possible storm

While is is virtually impossible to nail down a storm’s position, strength or type this far out we can see a pattern of possible storminess somewhere in the eastern half of the country. All the models and their ensembles are showing some level of storminess in the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic to The Northeast area late next week and into the weekend.

2016-01-08_9-34-39 2016-01-08_9-22-13

Part 3: Teleconnections and El Nino

You have heard me talk about El Nino and the storm track that it brings to the U.S. Usually very wet storms across the southern half of the country. You may also have heard me talk about the Arctic Oscillation and North Atlantic Oscillation. Those two indices are important for pattern recognition for cold and snow.

Arctic Oscillation:

Here’s what it means when it’s positive or negative.


North Atlantic Oscillation:

Here what it means when it’s Negative and when it’s Positive.



Where they are right now and where they are forecast to go.

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