Cyclone Pam in the South Pacific

A monster category 5 cyclone is hammering the tiny island nation of Vanuatu. This island nation is in the South Pacific near the east coast of Australia. Most people likely heard about it when a season of Survivor was filmed there.

Cyclones are just Hurricanes by another name. Tropical Cyclones are what they are and when they occur in the Indian Ocean or South Pacific they are called Cyclones. Typhoons are the same thing in the western Pacific west of the International Dateline.

Winds are currently 165 mph with this cyclone and it might make a very close pass to the northern part of New Zealand. Though it will be weakening fast as it moves into colder water and starts to become extra topical. One thing to remember is, it is late summer in the southern hemisphere. Plus notice how storms rotate or spin clockwise the opposite of storms in the northern hemisphere.

 More maps and images of Pam: rb_lalo-animated

Forecast Track:

4 panel Multi-sensor satellite image:

20150313.0921.trmm.x.composite.17PPAM.145kts-914mb-169S-1689E.50pcMODIS images:

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