Flood Watch is up for most of the area

The heavy rain isn’t too far away, though it has taken longer to arrive than I expected. The dry air over us has eaten up some of the initial rainfall, but it’s just a matter of time before the heavy stuff arrives. When it does it will become very heavy rain very quickly later today through tomorrow afternoon. This line of storms has produced severe weather and rainfall amounts of 7” in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama already.

Rainfall amounts will be pretty high but added to the already saturated ground and we’ll have some flooding for sure. Here are some of the forecasted rain totals.

                           HPC Rainfall                                              NAM Model Rainfall

p120i12 (1)2011-03-09_1003

The rainfall will arrive in 2 waves the first today and tonight with the main band we see on radar. Then a second wave as the low pressure center and 500b trough wing overhead tomorrow.

                     Today’s Rain                                                  Tomorrows Rain 1pm



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