Full Lunar Eclipse this Sunday Night

A very cool skywatcher treat is coming up on Sunday night and with clear skies we can all see it here in the Carolinas. A full lunar eclipse will start Sunday evening and end just after midnight Monday morning. 

It just so happens this is also a so-called “supermoon”. The eclipse occurs, of course, as the moon passes directly through the Earth’s shadow but coincides this year with the lunar perigee (closest point in its orbit to Earth). This last occurred in 1982 and will next occur in 2033. The perigee moon is the more scientific term but “supermoon” has taken over in popular culture and social media.


Via http://earthsky.org/space/what-is-a-supermoon

Who will be able to see it?

We are lucky almost all of the eastern half of the country will get a great view barring cloud cover.


What time to look.


Via timeanddate.com

What will it look like?


This could be a problem! Looks like another wedge like set-up is coming this weekend. If this holds true, we could have low clouds and not a great view. It’s still a ways out so keep your fingers crossed.