Geomagnetic storm last night made for great Auroras in the northern states.

Last night one of the strongest geomantic storms in years hit the earth. A large x-class solar flare over the weekend launched a CME or Coronal Mass ejection which gave the earth a indirect hit last night. Here are just some of the amazing shots sent into Space


SUBSIDING STORM: A severe geomagnetic storm (Kp=7-8) that began yesterday when a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field is subsiding. At the peak of the disturbance, auroras were sighted around both poles and in more than five US states including Michigan, New York, South Dakota, Maine, and Minnesota:

“The evening started off beautifully here in northeast Minnesota,” says Travis Novitsky, who photographed the display from Grand Portage. “Almost as soon as it was dark we were seeing tall columns of green and red light. It was brief, yet spectacular!”

Sky watchers at the highest latitudes should remain alert for auroras as Earth’s magnetic field continues to reverberate from the CME impact. Aurora alerts: text,voice.