Late Weekend storm sets the stage for cold and stormy weather next week.

The winds have been howling all day. They are slowing calming down tonight which will make for a cold dry start to the weekend. Sunday the clouds increase and as a storm system heads our way. This storm is mainly just a cold rain, but it could help to set up a pattern that could be conducive for winter weather next week. Now there is not a specific storm I would say is going to produce winter weather but the pattern is favorable for our neck of the woods.

Sunday Storm:

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This storm will help produce a persistent east coast trough which will allow cold air and the storm track to become favorable for winter storms on the east coast.

Brad Explainer Map2

The ECMWF Ensembles show the time frames where cold and stormy weather could be around.2015-01-30_16-35-16

ECMWF Ensemble mean chances of 1″ of snow over the next 10 days:


Stay tuned as we enter the snowiest time of the year in the Charlotte region.