Lowest Point in Mecklenburg Co. is Man Made

Update…. after commenter asked bout the gravel pit near 485 and Nations Ford. I cheked it out and it is indeed the lowest spot at 267′.

So like many who read my blog post on the highest point in Mecklenburg Co. I too was interested in the natural next step. What’s the lowest point? Right away I figured like many it would be along Lake Wylie near the state line. This makes sense since Lake Wylie is still part of the Catawba river and it flows down hill towards the Atlantic Ocean. So naturally it should be the lowest point in the county.  Well it is if you want just the “natural” low spot of 528’ above sea level.


Since I look at maps all the time I knew there was a big pit in NW Charlotte that might be deeper and the lowest spot in Charlotte. Sure enough the old Capps Hill Mine which was founded in 1896 as a gold, silver and copper mine is that pit. It is now the lowest spot in the county after years of mining and its transition to a gravel pit or aggregate mine. It’s now the home to Martin Marietta Aggregates.

lowpoint1lowpoint 3

This is the lowest point in the county according to the topographic mapping. It might be even lower now since they are still digging there. I might call the company and find out the exact measurement. So now you know. Smile

low point