March was so warm that April has actually been cooler.

Now that April is almost over the temperatures this month are looking closer to average. Though looking back this months temperatures are starting to really put March in perspective. Remember March 2012 in Charlotte was the second warmest on record. That record book goes back 134 years to 1878. The main reason for all the warm air in March was a very stagnant weather pattern a lack of snow cover and drier weather.

Check out the comparison of the 2 month in Charlotte, NC.



April has still been above average but only by about 1°. It currently ranks as just the 62nd warmest April since 1878. March though with it’s average temperature this year of 61.3° still was 1.6° warmer than April so far. So amazing as it sounds April has been dramatically cooler than March. With warmer temperatures in the forecast over the next few days that gap will likely close a bit. It will be fun to see how close we are to April 2012 staying cooler than March.