Maybe a little Spring Snow on Monday

While it’s not unheard of and there is plenty of precedent for snow in late March. It’s still shocking when snow falls on March 27th especially after it’s been such a warm and dry late February and March so far. The latest snow ever in Charlotte recorded history is a trace on April 28th 1928. Charlotte has seen 1” of snow as late as April 9th 1880 and on March 25th, 1972 we had 4”. So not unheard of as I said, but like all snow in Charlotte people freak out.

So here we are tomorrow morning with the passage of a pocket of very cold air just above the surface it will likely snow a bit in Charlotte. Now this will not be a travel issue as temperatures here on the ground will be above 32° but none the less it will be falling for a few hours in the morning and maybe as all the way to around noon. First here are your snow probabilities.


Here’s the model snowfall forecast break down tomorrow morning from the NAM, WRW-NMM and the GFS numerical guidance. The snowfall legends are on the left of these images.

                              NAM                                                                     HRW-NMM




Next you can see the Bufkit sounding from the NAM model. This is the most aggressive of all the models and likely will not verify, but it has the high end of what might happen. With 1-2” of wet slushy snow. Notice the time scale on the bottom and you read these right to left. The blue bars are hours of snowfall the higher they are the heavier it is.


I’ll have complete details on all of this coming up tonight at 6 & 11 on NewsChannel 36.

First Snowfall Forecast Call