Monday evening update on Irene

Just got the latest tropical models runs from the 0z/8pm EDT model initialization. I only plotted all the models that had the 7:50 special advisory location of Irene from the Hurricane Hunters. that advisory upgrade Irene t a Category 2 with winds of 100mph.

I also can see a eye feature now showing up on the IR satellite. Which is another indication we have a strengthening hurricane. There has also been a slight jog to the north in the location of the center from the latest recon fix. The model though as you can see are actually more spread out than before. The consensus track or average of all the models is still right near Southport, NC or the Cape Fear area of NC.

We will see at 11pm how this all affects the Hurricane Center track when the new Advisory comes out. I’ll have it first thing tonight at 11pm on NewsChannel 36.


Model Tracks from 0Z tonight