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Isaac Update: Sunday afternoon

Here’s a quick video vlog on the what’s going on with Isaac. Needless to say anyone on the entire gulf coast needs to be prepared for a hurricane. New Orleans due to so much of the city sitting below sea level and the time it takes to move people to safety. You need to be very cautious with this storm.

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Early Thoughts on Isaac in the Carolinas

It’s still early but some thing are slowly coming into better agreement on the eventual path of Isaac. There is still much uncertainty on the strength of the storm once it moves into the Gulf of Mexico but once there is will have the opportunity to gain strength. The model guidance is pretty solid now in the next 72-84 hours thanks to the NOAA Gulf stream upper air recon flights. Additional upper air data will be added by special sounding launches over the U.S. the next few days. I’m actually a bit more certain on the landfall location then what happen after landfall. So here we go with the maps and modes.

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Why I still love staring at the sky

Those who know me well know that since the age of 6 I have had a fascination with weather. I would stare at the sky for hours on end and was just utterly fascinated with every aspect of how and why weather happened. I’ve been extremely lucky to turn that passion and fascination into a career which I enjoy immensely. Though as my TV career has gone on I find myself staring at computer screens more than the sky…. I miss looking at the sky. I still find myself doing it at odd times walking in and out of work. Much to the bewilderment of co-workers getting out of their cars.  LOL Read more

Perseid Meteor Shower should be the best of the year.

The Perseid meteor shower is technically already started but the peak will be this weekend Saturday and Sunday night. I would recommend getting out early in the night and as far away from the city lights as possible. You want almost no light pollution to interfere with your viewing. Even if you can’t do that you should still see some in the city just not as may. The best times should be after 1am Sunday morning and again Monday morning. Under ideal conditions you could see as many as 100 per hour.

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Lightning Safety Tips in The Wake of The Pocono Tragedy

There are still many questions about the tragic events of Sunday’s Nascar car race in Long Pond, Pa where 1 fan was killed an 10 injured by a lightning strike. Even in the best cases tragedy can hit but clearly come communication and steps were not followed in the events leading up to this event. Even I was aware of the danger down here in Charlotte and tried to spread the word via my Twitter account.

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Winter is the season of extremes not Summer

With all the heat of the past month around Charlotte and the talk of extreme weather. I thought I’d take a look at when we really do get our extreme weather in the Charlotte area. I already knew when this was but when you look at the actual numbers there are quite revealing. In this case I’m going to be talking just about temperatures and their extremes or in this case record highs and lows.

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Purple Martin Roost Rings on Doppler Radar

Pretty cool sight the past few morning on the Doppler radar as thousands of purple martins take flight from their overnight roosts. These birds gather in the thousands in certain locations to roost for the night. Then each morning for a few weeks in the summer they all take off to forage for food around sunrise. These flocks are so large that they show up on Doppler radar as rings. These rings start small then get larger until the birds have spread out and the ring disappears.

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Heat Wave heading towards the Carolinas.

The cool start to summer is about to change dramatically to some of the hottest weather we have seen since last July. Last July was the last time we 100° heat in the Charlotte region when on the 29th and 30th of last year we hit 100° and 101° on back to back days. There is an outside chance we could approach the all-time record high for Charlotte which is 104° set on back to back days August 9th and 10th 2007. August 2007 was the last time we had 3 days in row with 100° highs and 6 days at 100° or high in the month.

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Hurricane Drones Start Flying in August

Everyone is very familiar now with military drones like the predator. Which rose in fame during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and now for missile strikes on al-Qaeda in remotes areas of the world. One of the other high altitude surveillance drones the Global Hawk is being adapted to do hurricane and severe weather research. One of the main issues with gathering weather data over the ocean in particular is we just don’t have much data to go on.

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The Transit of Venus Tuesday June 5th, 2012

A very rare treat will be visible Tuesday evening: The transit of Venus will be visible from the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada, Contact I should occur within about a minute of 6:03 p.m. EDT. You can’t view if unless you have special glasses but Discover Place in Uptown will be holding a special viewing event from 5-8pm Tuesday. Click here for more information. Discovery Place Transit of Venus Event.

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