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Ski season in the Carolinas starts this weekend

With cold temperatures and Thanksgiving just 2 weeks away there’s a race among three ski areas in North Carolina to be the first to open. Now most of this is just a PR battle to be the first to open in the southeast but it’s still a blast to see the race to open first.

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Oklahoma Earthquakes aren’t that unusual.

With the recent series of earthquakes in Oklahoma people keep asking, What’s going on? Well the USGS has put together a great blog post on the subject below.

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An asteroid drive by today and Sunspot 1339

This week ahead there are a couple of things to watch for up in space. The first one seems like something to be concerned with but it’s really not. I promise…. even though this thing on the right looks like something out of the movies.That is an asteroid which will make a close pass to the Earth.

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October 2011 Recap

October was our first month with below average temperatures since March earlier this year. Ending our stretch of warmer than average months at 6. October was also slightly below average for rainfall but only by a very small margin. The month started with the earliest snowfall on record in North Carolina on October 1st when .5” fell on Beech Mountain.

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Winter Forecast 2011-2012 for the Carolinas

Last winter was our second straight winter with well below temperatures and slightly above average snowfall in the Charlotte region. We had 6.1” of snow and the temperatures were the coldest since the late 1970s. This was highlighted by the first white Christmas in charlotte in 63 years.

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Rare treat one week before Halloween, Aurora Borealis!

A powerful and unique geomagnetic storm on Monday October 24, 2011 produce a widespread view of the Northern Lights. For the first time since 2004 we actually saw the Aurora deep into the SE. Read more

Tropical Depression #18


Tropical Depression #18 has formed in the western Caribbean. Whenever you get these October storms they tend to do some odd things compared to the rest of the season. Read more

Pleasant Grove Tornado 6 months later



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Fall Race Climatology at Charlotte Motor Speedway

It’s fall race week in the Charlotte area again. The Dollar General 300 Nationwide series race is Friday evening and the Sprint Cup series Bank Of America 500 is Saturday night. Just like fall football weather the October race is often cool and usually dry. October is one of our drier months of the year in the Carolinas. (Unlike the May race). Read more

Watching the tropics this weekend

Long range weather models have for the past few days been hinting at possible tropical development in and around Florida. They vary greatly on where this will happen. Even though just about all the operational models have something forming.

Right now none of them make this into a strong system but interaction with high pressure over the Northeast and an approaching mid-latitude low pressure system could make the wind field quite large. There is also a silver lining that this will help drought conditions here in the southeast.

The impacts here in the Carolinas will depend on which side of Florida it eventually ends up forming on. Either way after a very long dry spell much needed rain will arrive Monday into Tuesday next week. It seems like every year there is one last threat to the U.S. in the month of October.



GFS Model


Canadian Model


Drought status here in the Southeast