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South Carolina Earthquake is not as rare as you might think.

Did you feel it? Many did feel last night’s M 4.1 Earthquake near the very small town of Edgefield, SC. It was felt wide and far across the Southeast. Many in the area who aren’t use to Earthquakes can be excused feeling  a bit rattled. It was the biggest quake in SC since a M 3.6 in 2008. Read more

Recapping our Winter Storm & it’s place in history.

Well it is finally over! All the snow, sleet, freezing rain and even rain is gone and now we can start the clean-up. While this was a huge storm for the region.  For Charlotte it was not as epic as you might think. We got 7.6″ over the past 2 days from the storm.  Read more

Winter Storm On The Way

The ingredients are coming together for a significant winter storm for a large part of the Carolinas including the Charlotte metro area. Read more

Winter Storm Potential Going Up: Tuesday-Thursday

Well the trends are becoming clear we are going to see some kind of a winter storm the question is what type? By type I mean either  ice, snow, sleet or rain and in what combination of 2 or 3? The biggest issue now isn’t if the storm comes but how much of it comes and and in what form. This is a Meteorological headache that a gigantic Excedrin won’t cure! Read more

Potential Winter Storm Next Week.

I started talking about the potential on Monday and throughout this week the confidence has been growing for a winter storm the middle of next week. There are still many variables at play, but my confidence is around 30-40% right now. Primarily the track of the low pressure system is the biggest variable which has yet to move into the western US. Read more

The Best Ways to Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day

In case you haven’t heard today in National Weather Person’s Day in the United States. There is some good history to how this started all thanks to the man pictured right John Jeffries. Today celebrates his birthday in 1744. Read more

The coldest January in Charlotte in 37 Years

Well this likely comes as no shock to many but January 2014 was very cold in Charlotte. It was also very cold across the eastern half of the country. I have some amazing stats to share with you on the cold of this past month. Hopefully this will put this past deep freeze into to perspective for you. Read more

This Week’s Potential Winter Storm

We still have a long way to go to get a good grasp of this weekend storm, but I have a better idea today on what we might see. Still looks like a decent shot of light snow across the piedmont but very light unless something changes. The heavy stuff will be just to the east of I-85 then really getting heavy near I-95. So here are my thoughts as of about 1pm Sunday 1/23/2014 along with some images of the data so far. Read more

Cold air is here to stay for a while

The cold just keeps coming and in fact there’s a really good chance next weeks 3rd surge of Arctic air could be the most intense of the season. The cold air could be the longest lasting in 3 winters as the below average temperatures could last at least 10 days. Read more

Wishcasting versus Forecasting

I started talking about this last week on Facebook about the coming cold pattern coming to the Southeast. It’s also a favorable pattern for a storm to develop but as of right now there isn’t anything specific that points to one. Here in lies the problem. Too many people like to talk about potential as reality or worse yet talk about one model run of the deterministic model as something that is going to happen. Read more