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Rain Stuck in the Foothills and Mountains

The rain is just plain having a hard time getting to the Charlotte area. The only thing to fall so far has been drizzle. It might take till this afternoon for more of the rain to reach the piedmont aimagend we may have to wait for the second front tomorrow. This one could bring strong thunderstorms as well if enough warm air surges northward. In the mean time keep the umbrella around because there is still some descent rain out there!

Rain is coming…

It sure is taking long enough, but rain will eventually arrive here in the Carolinas tonight. Dry air at the surface is hard to overcome but the high level clouds are the sign that things are getting more moist with time. These clouds will thicken throughout the day and by tonight rain will arrive. Temperature remain cool and hold steady through the night, before the heavy rain arrives tomorrow. The question is how much rain are we talking about? IF things work out a good soaking and more drought relief are on the way!!!

On a side note my Winter 2008-2009 forecast for the southeast will be out Tomorrow night. Right here in my weather world blog!

Cool October 2008

October 2008 was a very cold month for the Carolinas and most of the nation. October for the state of North Carolina was the 23 coolest on record, which goes back 114 years. South Carolinas had the 23 coolest October on record as well. In Charlotte this was very cool by October standards with a stunning 3.4 degrees below average for the entire month at Charlotte-Douglas airport. This now marks the 8th month of 10 so far this year below average for 2008. Nationally October was 0.3 degrees below average for the month based on the 20th century average. This also continues a very cool year for the national as we transitioned out of the strong La Nina of last year which gave us very warm temperatures and drought in 2007. Global temperatures have slowly cooling now for the past 10 years, still above long term average but cooling none the less.

My New Blog

Working on posting a few things every week. The first will be my two very short weather articles that I write for the Charlotte Observer every week that appear in the weathers section of the paper. These are short and only about 150 words, so I hope to use my blog to expand on those articles each week.

I also am excited that I will post my Winter 2008-2009 forecast for the southeast right here this week. It is geared towards the snow and cold lovers in all of us. I forecast weekly during the ski season here in the southeast for be sure to check out the best ski web site on the east coast.

Can’t wait to be doing this soon myself!