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Weather & Climate Summit 2014

Live from Breckenridge, CO. I’ll be Tweeted and posted updated while here at the conference

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Solar Flare will help Produce Strong-Severe Geomagnetic Storming the next 24-48 hrs.

A 1.2 X-Class solar flare occurred on Tuesday and launched what is called a CME or Coronal Mass Ejection towards the Earth. This CME will be impacting the Earth today through tomorrow causing a Geomagnetic storm. Read more

2014 Starts with the 1st of 2 Super Moons in January.

A rare event happens on the very 1st day of 2014 a “Supermoon”. The term “Supermoon” is kind of made up term as it really just means perigee moon. That means the moon is at it’s closest approach to the Earth within it’s orbit. We will have the 1st of 2 “supermoon” on January 1st with a 2nd coming on January 30th 2014. Read more

White Christmas History in Charlotte

If you were hoping for a white Christmas in Charlotte this year I suggest looking at pictures and videos from 2010. Getting snow on Christmas in Charlotte is a very rare event.

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Super Bowl XLVIII Weather: A honest look

You can’t turn on any sports channel without the commentators going on and on about the outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city. It’s getting really annoying because guess what? It’s not moving and you can’t control the weather. So why keep harping on it? Then don’t get me started on people trying to forecast the Super Bowl weather 2 months out. You are more likely to pick the correct team and score of the game right now than forecast the weather precisely this far in advance. Check back with me 2 weeks out, but better how about 7 days out? Read more

The 2 most misused & understood weather terms.

I like many yesterday was watching in awe at the 4-6” of snow on the field during the Detroit Lions versus Philadelphia Eagles game. That was some of the deepest snow I have ever seen during a pro or college game. Making matters worse it was a natural turf field which meant plowing it or sweeping is was not almost possible. Read more

Does it have to snow in Atlanta for it to snow in Charlotte? No!

Ever since I have been in Charlotte now 11 years and counting. I’ve always heard this saying, “If it doesn’t snow in Atlanta it’s not going to snow in Charlotte”. It was kind of an odd thing even though the first several snow storms I experienced in 2002 and 2003 didn’t cause snow in Atlanta. Ever since then I have been keeping tallies of the myth/folklore and can understand how this started and why it may be true at times but more often than not it’s just false. Read more

Cold & Snow don’t always go together in the winter around Charlotte.

I just released my 9th annual Winter forecast over on You can view it by clicking here. My forecast basically is for a near average to slightly above average temperature winter with near to slightly below average snow and ice. The big caveat is I do think it will be a wet winter. Which means we will have an active storm track and lots of moisture around. Read more

The Autumn Lady Bug Swarm is Here

It’s that time of the year when you begin to see loads of lady bugs swarming on the sunny side of your home. As the temperatures drop usually after the first frost or freeze like we had the last weekend. Along with sun angle getting lower the ladybug or as they are sometimes called Asian Beetles begin to try to hide from the cold.  Read more

Sandy had huge impacts on the Carolinas 1 year ago

Not many will forget Hurricane Sandy as it impacted the entire state of North Carolina as well as devastating parts of the Northeast. From the Outer Banks into the mountains the impact were large. Here’s a look back at the impacts and highest impacts in the state. Read more