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Comet PanSTARRS viewing

Tonight is the beginning of a nice stretch of viewing opportunities for the Carolinas to see comet PanSTARSS. You will need a good clear view of the western horizon about 30-45 minutes after sunset. It will only be visible for about 15 mins so prepare your spot ahead of time. Read more

Severe Weather Awareness Week Wednesday: Tornadoes

There was a statewide tornado drill today at 9:30am

Tornados are one of nature’s most violent phenomena. Tornado season typically starts in Spring in the months of March…April and May. Tornadoes have touched down in the state in all months with the largest number of tornado related fatalities occurring in March. Other months with the highest numbers of tornado related fatalities include April…May and November. Read more

Severe Weather Awareness Week -Tuesday: Lightning

Lightning occurs with all thunderstorms and is what defines a thunderstorm. North Carolina faces dangers from lightning throughout the entire spring and summer. Over the course of one year, the earth will be struck by lightning nearly 20 million times. In a typical year there are around 500,000 lightning strikes in North Carolina. Since 1959 there have been nearly 200 reported lightning deaths in North Carolina. Read more

Severe Weather Awareness Week- Monday: Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Thunderstorms


A severe thunderstorm is consider any thunderstorms that produces 1.00″ diameter hail or winds guts in excess of 58 mph. Read more

Snow chances next week?

The buzz has been around for a few days and while I have been talking about it there are a few words of caution. We are just now getting closer to a time where some specifics are starting to come into clearer focus. There are still some serious doubts about the track and location but there’s no denying that the pattern is very conducive for a winter storm in the Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic. Read more

Spring will be on hold for a while

March 1st is just a few days away and with it the beginning of Meteorological Spring. Which runs from December 1st through February 28th. It certainly looks like mother nature has different plans for the eastern half of the country in particular the Southeast. Read more

Why cold weather gives you lower gas mileage

With gas prices soaring you really need to watch every gallon of gas you use. I know I am kind of OCD about my MPG in my car. I used to keep track of it on my iPhone and track it over time. Since last year when I got a new car which now keeps track of it for me right in the on-board computer.  Though it is still more accurate to calculate MPG after every fill up.  Read more

Ice Potential Friday Morning in the Mountains.

Thursday night into Friday morning a perfect set-up for freezing rain will develop for parts of the western Carolinas. An area of cold dry high pressure will “wedge” itself up against the mountains starting Thursday evening. This typical cold air damming event is when dry cold air gets trapped east of the mountains here in the Carolinas.

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Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flyby Tomorrow

Tomorrow at around 2:24pm EST an asteroid named 2012 DA14 will come very close to the Earth. So close it will actually pass within he ring of geosynchronous satellites that circle the Earth. At it’s closest approach tomorrow afternoon it will only be 17,200 miles away. There is a small chance it could take out a weather or GPS satellites as it flies by. All agencies are trying to avoid this but there is still a small chances that could happen.

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Severe Weather Threat Wednesday

Well after a week of cold temperatures and 2 winter storms we now are looking at a Spring like storm set-up for Wednesday. Temperatures on Tuesday and early Wednesday will be very warm.Highs might approach 70° both days, but clouds will likely keeps us in the upper 60s. Either way warm and moist air for late January will be flooding into the region.

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