Panthers Training Camp Weather History & Early Look to 2016

I can’t believe it’s that time fo the year already for Panthers train camp which starts next Thursday, July 28th down at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC.  Most people always comment show hot it can be down there, and it’s no joke, but not every year is that bad. Here’s a look back at some of the weather during training camp over the past 20 years and look ahead to this year.

Hottest high temperature during Camp:

Now I should note not every year were they practicing in the heat of the day or even some years they had an off day on the hottest day. It’s just a weather stat here for the highest temperature reach during the 3 weeks of camp. In 2007 it was a very hot camp and one day the temperature topped out at 105°. In the second year in Wofford though the warmest day was just 89°, not too bad!


Warmest average temperature for the whole camp:

Remember this is taking all the highs and lows during camp and averaging them out. So think of this the 24-hour average temperature for every day of camp. If you were lucky enough to be down at camp in 2014, that was the coolest camp on record. The average temperature was just 73.5°. I remember coach saying the cool camp impacted their conditioning for the Jacksonville opener that year, they were used to playing in the “real” heat yet.  In 2007 remember that 105° high from above? That camp was by far the hottest that summer was brutal all over the Carolinas. The average temperature for camp was 82.8°.



It seems like every year storm impact a few practices. As long as there is no lightning coach likes for the guys to play in the rain just to get them ready for it but yu always worry about injuries. Wettest camp was 1998 with 8.70″ over the camp. In 1999 they only got 0.10″ we were in a drought that year.


Forecast for this year?

Well, we are still a week away so hard to pin down specifics. Just looking at the pattern, I would day it’s not going to be the coolest, and it will be starting very warm and very humid with those afternoon storms. Follow my weather updates on-line @wxbrad or @PanthersWX on Twitter.