Recapping our Winter Storm & it’s place in history.

Well it is finally over! All the snow, sleet, freezing rain and even rain is gone and now we can start the clean-up. While this was a huge storm for the region.  For Charlotte it was not as epic as you might think. We got 7.6″ over the past 2 days from the storm. 

Full List of reports so far from NWS GSP:


Charlotte 4d Panel

It was the biggest snowstorm in Charlotte since 2004 when we got 13.6″ but that was the second biggest all time. So yes it’s been a whole decade since we have had a large snow storm like this.

Yet in the whole history of Charlotte it was just the 35th biggest snowstorm on record. Which our record books go back to 1878 or 136 years.

It did set one pretty awesome record. It was the most consecutive days that Charlotte has had 1” of snow or more at 3 days.

Charlotte Snow1

Yet all time not even close to a record. Here’s the top 25 biggest 3 day snowstorms on record here at Charlotte.



Not a surprise to local but February is always our snowiest month of the winter.