• @brentlevi

    As a fellow meteorologist I often find myself defending meteorologist in general due to the terrible forecasts that are out there. Every meteorologist knows that you almost never use the straight model data but this is what many of these websites and applications are using. People need to understand that a good meteorologist will select the tool for the situation. Knowing how the models are performing and their biases allows a meteorologist to select and interpret the most accurate model’s data more correctly and create a more accurate forecast. Keep up the good work educating the public!

    Also, the next time someone says that they’d like to be paid to be wrong, ask them “who do you know that can accurately predict the future 94.86% of the time?” If they say their stock broker, please get their number for me!

  • Brad

    Thanks, and great comment!

  • M White

    You are my "go to" weatherman. I rely on you for accurate and up to date forecasts. You are by far the best of the best! I have lived in many states and no one compares to you. No, you're not perfect and sometimes you're wrong, but not very often and it's usually just a minor thing. Keep up the great work!

  • Brad

    Thanks M White!

  • ewinterbo

    I always go to you to get my ski forecast!! Although, I must say, I hope you are wrong in your forecast for January!!!!

  • Brad

    ewinterbo, me too!!! the whole month won't be a thaw but I see a 1-2 week warm period after the first of the year with cold arriving late month.

  • ewinterbo

    Ohhh, that is just what I was looking for! I am going to hold you to that! Make sure you post if it changes, please!

  • Brad

    Updated ski forecast coming tomorrow over at skisoutheast.com

  • Kristie

    Great post!

  • Garrett

    You couldn't have said it better! Congrats on the 94.86 % as well!

  • Scott

    Everything you said in this blog is why you are The Man in the Charlotte area, or probably any geographical area you choose to work. But I hope you continue to choose this area for a very long time. As a meteorologist "wanna be" I can appreciate not only your accuracy, but especially your efforts to go above and beyond in getting out weather facts and figures. Thank you.

    • wxbrad

      Thank You.

  • Brad

    Thank you everyone for the great feedback, hard to believe but this has been my most view blog entry of all time. This morning noticed it had already about 1,000 page views, wow! I'm sure I'll surpass that with my white Christmas blog next week, no we likely won't have one but I'll tell you why.

  • Terence Fails

    When I digest the various weather sources, the first this I notice is that many sources seem to crank up the gain on their radars. The radar shows that you are being rained on when there is no precip at all.

    The TV stations also like to extrapolate the path and timing of severe thunderstorms i.e. “The storm will hit Bugtussle at 7:53!” Look out the window from 7:43-8:03- nothing. (I don’t look outside for tornado warnings.)

    These activities lull people into a false sense of security.

    • wxbrad

      Terence radar returns aren’t always rain remember. The radar bounces off of bugs, birds, temperatures inversions etc.. That’s why a trained professional needs to analyse and interpret the radar data. The storm tracks should never be used as a precise time but as general timing. Storms motion, size changes rapidly over time.

  • Oriolesbaseball

    Great article Brad!

  • Anonymous

    You may not feel like it, but you are someone that people look up to. I’m a weather enthusiast finally in college to fulfill my childhood dream as a meteorologist. Your passion for weather and interaction with the public far surpasses most and it is very admirable. You care about the people listening, asking questions, etc.

    People still make fun of me by saying I’m lucky to be studying for a job where I get paid to be wrong all the time, but never fired, lol!!!

    • wxbrad

      Thank you that is very nice of you say. Stick with your passion it will take you far!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002135728072 Stuart McDaniel

    Your still the best Brad!!!

    • wxbrad


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