Severe Geomagnetic Storm ongoing right now

A coronal mass ejection or CME from the sun is interacting with the earth magnetic field created what is classified as a G4 or severe geomagnetic storm. Too bad it’s dark right now because we would be seeing auroras or northern lights all the way into North Carolina and parts of the south. Hard to say if this will late past sunset but if you have a good view of the northern sky give it a try tonight. Plus if you have some satellite or GPS issues you know why.  More information on space weather

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Look at the current short-term aurora forecast:


Last time I remember a widespread Aurora was in 2011 but there was another good on in 2004. All of these pictures are from North Carolina from those 2 events. Remember its going on right now, but it’s daylight so as soon as it gets dark you could see it, but usually after 9pm the best time until 3am, if its still going.

hqdefault aurora_nc aurora_borealis_raleigh_Nov_2004_raleighskyline.com_02 Aurora Borealis Photographs-Northern Lights-Night Sky