Significant Impacts From Sandy on the Coast.

Tropical Storm Sandy may end up causing more issues on the coast than people might imagine. Sometimes we focus too much on the category of a storm or the line track and not all the impacts associated with tropical systems. This would be a prime example here with Sandy. Even though the storm’s center might stay well offshore the impacts on the coast could be large and long-lasting. I can’t stress enough that if you live in the coastal zone be ready for possible flooding. This large storm combined with it’s long duration and a full moon Monday will lead to very high water. Here’s a look at what might happen this weekend into next week. Now is the time to prepare.


Looking at the model tracks you can see how even some of the models are starting to shift back to the west.


Sea Surface Temperatures along the gulf stream are plenty warm enough to sustain tropical status up through the Outer Banks.


Model Forecasts from the ECMF for Sunday night:

ecm_mslp_uv850_east_6 (1)

Wave forecast Sunday:


Stay tuned to all local watches, warnings and advisories from your local NWS offices.