Snow chances next weekend? Not so fast!

So the social media swirl has started because of a few curious models runs showing snow chances next weekend in the Carolinas. As usual with long range model data, especially in late March it’s mostly bogus. No model is believable this far out, let alone for snow in late March. Which while not unheard of is very, very hard to come by.That being said we are in store for one heck of a late-season cold snap. One that will likely have a huge impact on farmers and gardeners whose plants are in early and have started to grow. Hey, remember we have had 3 days in the 80s already. We didn’t get out first 80° until April 9th last year.

So what’s going on?

The GFS model has been the craziest but even within 6 hrs the model has flipped flopped all over the place. This is an animation of the 0z run last night or 8pm and the 6z run or 2am version. Notice the vastly different outcomes



In reality, it looks drier to me right now and the 6z run makes more sense.


2015-03-23_9-27-47It likely won’t be snow but boy will it be cold!

The chances of a hard freeze both Sunday and esepcially Monday morning look very likely.

2015-03-23_9-43-44 2015-03-23_9-46-512015-03-23_9-44-45


Enjoy the mild start to the week and the spring like conditions. By the weekend, it turns back to a taste of winter with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s and morning lows in the 20s.