Sub-Tropical Storm Ana forms.

Well, it has a name but the overall impacts from Ana have not changed at all. The main threats will be from rip currents for swimmers and the potential for flooding rains near the coast. What Ana won’t have is a whole lot of wind and little to no storm surge. Dry air is still a major factor the storm will not escape along with cool waters between the Gulf Stream and the coast.

The track looks weird because the storm will take days to make it ashore. Likely not before Sunday night sometime and by then the storm ould weaken or even fall apart. The storm might brief make it to 50mph but by the time ti makes landfall it will be a depression again…maybe!

Tropical TRACKER G3


What to expect:

Locally we will see little to no impacts except for maybe some higher humidity and a few showers Sunday afternoon. On the coast scattered showers, high surf and waves and dangerous rip currents. Even on the coast there could be breaks in the rain at times if the dry air keeps hammering away on the storm.

Lots of people ask if I would cancel beach trips. If you want lots of sun then maybe but if you are starting a long week out there this weekend is just a few showers and wind before things improve by Monday.