Summer 2014 in Charlotte by the numbers & charts.

So did you think it was a mild summer? Wet summer? Dry Summer? Here’s the summer weatherwise by the numbers using charts and graphs. This will allow you to compare it to years past and put it in perspective. 

The hottest reading this year was 96° on July 14th

We hit 90° or higher 32 times this summer, with one in May and one so far in September for a total of 34 times this year.

Average is 44 a year.

Another interesting Summer fact no record highs or lows were set during the summer of 2014.

For those that like data visualization this is for you. Enjoy!

Average Temperature:

This list every summer from 1879-2014 from coldest to warmest. This year ranks 46th coolest out of 135 years of records.

CLT_Summer Temps

Scattered plot of temperatures, for those that like scattered plots.

summer temperatures scattered plot

Line Chart:


Broken down by month:


Everyday broken down by climatology:




Ironically this summer also ranked 46th wettest out of 135 years of records.

Broken Down by Heat Index:


Map ranking for Charlotte & the Carolinas: