Charlotte Snow History

What El Nino could mean for Charlotte this winter.

So by now we have all seen the headlines about the strong El…

Perseid Meteor shower peaks tonight, here's how to find a dark spot.

Tonight's the peak of the best meteor shower of 2015. So after…

Best Meteor shower of 2015 is this week!

We have many meteor showers throughout the year, but here are…

Why WX is the abbreviation for Weather.

If you are reading this blog, follow me on social media or follow…
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Perspective on the accuracy of Meteorologists

I know what you are thinking. “Here we go another Meteorologist…
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Mecklenburg County Tornado History

Yesterday Mecklenburg County had the 1st tornado warnings issued…
10-2-2013 12-25-48 PM

Why it's Called Uptown & Why Charlotte's Uptown Streets go Northeast.

Ever notice how we call downtown Charlotte Uptown? Or why North…
20 Percent Chance of Rain

Why a 50% chance of rain usually means a 100% chance of confusion.

It’s one of the most misunderstood terms in all of weather,…

A 100 foot wide asteroid will buzz by the earth on March 5th

An asteroid named 2013 TX68 could pass within 11,000 miles of…

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Flyby Tomorrow

Tomorrow at around 2:24pm EST an asteroid named 2012 DA14 will…

An asteroid drive by today and Sunspot 1339

This week ahead there are a couple of things to watch for up…