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Lightning Safety Tips in The Wake of The Pocono Tragedy

There are still many questions about the tragic events of Sunday’s Nascar car race in Long Pond, Pa where 1 fan was killed an 10 injured by a lightning strike. Even in the best cases tragedy can hit but clearly come communication and steps were not followed in the events leading up to this event. Even I was aware of the danger down here in Charlotte and tried to spread the word via my Twitter account.

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Winter is the season of extremes not Summer

With all the heat of the past month around Charlotte and the talk of extreme weather. I thought I’d take a look at when we really do get our extreme weather in the Charlotte area. I already knew when this was but when you look at the actual numbers there are quite revealing. In this case I’m going to be talking just about temperatures and their extremes or in this case record highs and lows.

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Heat Wave heading towards the Carolinas.

The cool start to summer is about to change dramatically to some of the hottest weather we have seen since last July. Last July was the last time we 100° heat in the Charlotte region when on the 29th and 30th of last year we hit 100° and 101° on back to back days. There is an outside chance we could approach the all-time record high for Charlotte which is 104° set on back to back days August 9th and 10th 2007. August 2007 was the last time we had 3 days in row with 100° highs and 6 days at 100° or high in the month.

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The Transit of Venus Tuesday June 5th, 2012

A very rare treat will be visible Tuesday evening: The transit of Venus will be visible from the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada, Contact I should occur within about a minute of 6:03 p.m. EDT. You can’t view if unless you have special glasses but Discover Place in Uptown will be holding a special viewing event from 5-8pm Tuesday. Click here for more information. Discovery Place Transit of Venus Event.

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Severe weather threat for Friday

A strong cold front will be bringing the threat for severe storms to the area Friday afternoon and evening. There are a few things that may reduce or enhance the chances of severe storms. Mainly the timing of the front and the amount of heating and instability that is achieved prior to arrival of this front. Right now that arrival and threat appears to be late afternoon and evening with the primary threat being straight line winds. If the front arrives sooner then the threat could be diminished but if it arrives slower during the heating of the late day and evening then the severe threat could increase. Below is a video discussion of the potential event.

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More snakes this year? No it’s just the early warm weather.

As someone who has a wife completely terrified of snakes I’m always on look out for them around the yard. Don’t tell my wife but I see them all the time and I rarely kill them I relocate them. shhhh!

This year though my Facebook and Twitter pages have filled with pictures and comments about all the snakes. You may have even seen this picture from down in Columbia, SC which was of a snake climbing a tree and it was almost 10’ long.

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Charlotte’s Most Accurate Forecast; It’s Not Just Marketing for Us.

There are two things that I take very, very seriously in my job. #1 is severe weather coverage and always being there for my viewers, followers and fellow neighbors when the weather turns ugly. #2 is being the most accurate source for weather information in the Charlotte area. I want to focus on the #2 in this blog post. Read more

March was so warm that April has actually been cooler.

Now that April is almost over the temperatures this month are looking closer to average. Though looking back this months temperatures are starting to really put March in perspective. Remember March 2012 in Charlotte was the second warmest on record. That record book goes back 134 years to 1878. The main reason for all the warm air in March was a very stagnant weather pattern a lack of snow cover and drier weather.

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Calling All Weather Geeks, Weenies & Junkies

Do you love watching clouds, Have you ever watch The Weather Channel for hours on End? Can you tell a wall cloud from a scud cloud.

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Charlotte Has 2nd Warmest March on Record

For most of you the fact that we had a warm March isn’t a shock, but that fact that is wasn’t number one on the list might be. March 1945 will remain the warmest on record in the Charlotte weather records which go back to 1878. It was the warmest March since the official weather station was moved from Uptown to the airport in 1939.

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