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Charlotte Has 2nd Warmest March on Record

For most of you the fact that we had a warm March isn’t a shock, but that fact that is wasn’t number one on the list might be. March 1945 will remain the warmest on record in the Charlotte weather records which go back to 1878. It was the warmest March since the official weather station was moved from Uptown to the airport in 1939.

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Warm Winter Does Not Equal Warm Summer

With the very mild winter and very warm start to spring the questions about this summer continue to pour in. The typical question or comment usually goes something like this, “if its this warm now can’t imagine what it will be like this summer”. The only problem with this train of thought is that there is no direct connection whatsoever from winter temperatures to summer temperatures.

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Severe Weather Awareness Week for Friday: The Severe Weather Alert Process

Severe weather watches:

When widespread severe weather is possible across North Carolina, the National Weather Service will issue a watch. Watches are issued for tornadoes…severe thunderstorms and floods. A watch provides you a heads up alerting you that severe weather is expected in the near future. As storms develop…they could become life threatening and damaging. Watches are intended to raise situational awareness and allow you time to prepare.

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Severe Weather Awareness Week: Thursday-Flooding

Todays Topic is Flooding

Flood related deaths are a serious nationwide problem. Nationwide…flooding causes more fatalities than any other type of severe weather. Several factors contribute to flooding. The two main factors are the intensity of rainfall and how long rain occurs over any given location. Urbanization…topography…soil type and soil moisture also play roles in the severity of flood conditions.

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Mecklenburg & Cabarrus County Tornado

Here's how the night unfolding from my Twitter Feed and YouTube updates

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Severe Weather Potential Friday & Saturday

With near record high temperatures today the ingredients are coming together for more severe weather Friday and Saturday. Much like the last threat the majority of the severe weather will be to our west. The potential is there for a major Tornado outbreak over Kentucky and Tennessee into the Ohio Valley Friday afternoon and evening.

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Sunday Storm: Mostly Rain, Watch for Icy Spots Monday AM

A large a very powerful storm system will be moving towards the Carolinas this weekend. This storm is already forming over Texas today and will intensify over the Gulf Coast late tonight. Then it will move over the Carolinas and off the North Carolina coast during the evening on Sunday. Saturday will be just fine around the Charlotte area until late in the day when clouds will start to increase. Saturday night rain will spread across the region from the south and west. Some of this rain will be heavy at times especially Sunday morning. We could pick up between 1-2” of rainfall in some locations by Sunday afternoon.

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Weekend Storm Update: Mountain Snow & Piedmont Rain

The weekend storm is going to be good one just not wintry for everyone. This is going to be a big wind and rain maker for the piedmont but a potentially good snow storm for the mountains and up into the Mid-Atlantic. Not bad considering it’s Presidents Day weekend and lots of skiers will be in the mountains ready for snow. Read more

Very Early Look at Sunday’s Storm.

It’s way early and I’d probably not even blog about this so soon…but. I have seen 2 runs of the reliable long range EURO model and a few runs of the GFS along with Canadian model. All of which are in somewhat agreement(rare) which makes me want to dig a little deeper. The fact that the EURO model started picking up on this storm first makes me take it a even tad more serious than if the GFS developed another “phantom” storm.

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Tuesday Morning Update: Plus Looking Ahead

Looking at Tuesday morning this event should be all light rain with some sleet pellets early. Not a big deal at all as the energy moves north and the system fall apart as it moves over us. Right now this would qualify as a zero on the snow meter.

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