Thanks for a Great 2011

It’s always fun to look back at the past year as I did with my Top Ten Weather Events of 2011 for our area. My Blog really took off in 2011 and I’m hoping to make it even better in 2012. One of my resolutions is to blog even more and add some tech content in the new year. Plus try a weekly Livestream and chat to talk about weather with all of you. So with all the promise of a fresh start in 2012 lets looks back at some of the 2011 stats from and

Busiest day was August 15th and August was my busiest month.

Top 10 Blog posts of 2011:

#1 Indiana State Fair incident was no Fluke!

#2 Carolina Tornado Outbreak 4/16/2011–Updated with Map

#3 White Christmas History in Charlotte

#4 Important Links for Severe Weather Coverage Tonight & Saturday


#6 The 13yr Brood XIX Cicadas are emerging

#7 An asteroid drive by today and Sunspot 1339

#8 Making Snow in Your Backyard

#9 Watauga County Funnel Cloud Sunday 6/12/11

#10 Seiche on Lake Michigan


Top 10 Referring Websites to

#1 Facebook


#3 Twitter

#4 All Search Engines ( Google was #1)


#6 Google +



#9 (people surfing around once they find the site plus trackbacks)



  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even realize you had the blog until today. Hoping for wonderful content from you in 2012. Should be a fun year! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      LOL yeah maybe I should market it more in the New Year as well. Happy New Year!

      • Anonymous

        A great idea. As you blog more, the traffic should come as well. 😉 Thanks Brad, you too!

  • Goal for 2012? Get on the list for top referring sites, and maybe visa versa 🙂 Here’s to another good year!

    • Anonymous

      I like your thinking Brendan!