The 1st real cold front of the Autumn is coming this weekend.

Finally after the 4th hottest summer on record a real break from the heat and humidity is on the way. Now you won’t be feeling it today or really over the next two days but by the weekend two cold fronts will cross the area. The second one is the real deal with both cooler and drier air. 

2 Cold Fronts:


The 1st front is kind of just a slight break from the heat and will have some rain with it. The second front has a strong piece of energy that will drive the eastern trough and cooler air all the way to the coast.

Charlotte Temperatures:


Charlotte Dew Points:


How nice will it be?

Looking at both Sunday and Monday the high temperatures will only be in the upper 70s, and that’s with full sunshine! The better news will be the overnight when lows drop into the 30s and 40s in the western Carolinas and low 50s in central Carolinas.


Will it last?

This is just the 1st of what will be many cold fronts this Autumn. So it won’t last long summer is still trying to battle back and will make a return by the following weekend. It’s just the start! 2015-09-09_9-34-31