• David Phillips

    Brad, one report I read was that the grounds crew elected not to plow the field at half time because there was too much snow, and no place to put it. The field itself was in good shape, as they weren’t running the turf heaters, and probably could have taken a plow. They just don’t put the plow edge all the way to the surface.

    • wxbrad

      Thank that’s good to know, seems like they could have pushed it to the back of the end zones pretty easily.

      • David Phillips

        Drawing inference from the story, if they plowed, they’d have to go a fair bit past the side lines, too (otherwise there’d be big plow piles on the sidelines), and there was just too much to remove from the stadium in a timely fashion.

  • Brian DiBartolo

    Thank you Brad. We discuss Monsoon Climates in class a lot and most students have heard of it as just the heavy rain side of the equation.

  • Traci Dawn Hatchcock

    thank you

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