The coldest January in Charlotte in 37 Years

Well this likely comes as no shock to many but January 2014 was very cold in Charlotte. It was also very cold across the eastern half of the country. I have some amazing stats to share with you on the cold of this past month. Hopefully this will put this past deep freeze into to perspective for you.

Here’s a look at the entire month  readings at Charlotte Douglas. We spent most of out time below average especially the 1st 10 days and the last 10 days of the month.


Here’s a look at where this January ranks All-Time for Charlotte. Our record book goes back 136 years to 1878. IF you notice this year will be the coldest since the record holder from January 1977.


With Todays low of 13° and the afternoon high of around 48 we will actually move into a tie for 7th coldest all-time in Charlotte.


Here’s a look at the rest of the Southeast based on todays forecasted highs and lows from our friends at SERCC.


Other Notable Stats:

Averages: High: 46.9° Low: 23.8° Mean: 35.5° Departure from Average -4.6°

Records Broken:

Record Low: 6° on 1/7/2014 Old Record was 12°

Record Low Max: 29° on 1/29/2014 Old Record was 30°

3 Days with single digits lows on the 30th 5°, 7th 6° and 24th 8°. Most since 1996.

The 5° was the coldest temperature recorded in Charlotte since 1986 and 9th coldest on record all-time.

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