Tropics are heating up

The tropical Atlantic is starting to get active after being relatively quiet for some time. The National Hurricane Center is currently monitoring 4 areas of disturbed weather. Only 3 of them really could impact the U.S. and more likely just 2. Here’s a looks at the entire basin from Stormpulse.


Of the 4 the models have being running on 3 of them as invest low pressure areas.

Area in the north Atlantic is the remnants of Emily.


The next area in Invest 93L , which has just come off the coast of Africa


Then there is Invest 92L which could be the most threatening of the 3.


Invest 92L bears watching the most, these Cape Verde waves tend to re-curve but they also can be very powerful hurricanes as well. The whole East Coast and Florida needs to watch the progress of Invest 92L into the middle of next week.