Wednesday mornings lunar eclipse in Charlotte

While we will have the chance to see the lunar eclipse a few things are working against it being a great event in the Charlotte region. Let’s start when the when and where stuff.

Illustration of and timing of the eclipse:


As you can see it could be spectacular if you are up very early right before sunrise Wednesday morning.  The only real problem is how low on the horizon this is going to be happening. The full eclipse will occur with the moon just about 10° above the western horizon and sinking fast while the eclipse is taking place.




You can see above the peak of the eclipse will take place with the moon just a mere 10° above the horizon. If you hold a closed fist at arm’s length straight in front of you with the button of your hand on the horizon. That is roughly about 10°. As you can see below any trees or buildings will clearly be in your way!


By the very end of the peak eclipse the moon will actually be setting as seen below. So even if you get to a high point or open area free of trees and buildings the very end of the eclipse will occur right on the horizon.


What about weather and clouds?

Here’s the other bummer about this eclipse. There will likely be clouds especially because this all happen on the western horizon. Even if it is clear above your head the moon is going to be setting in the west when this eclipse occurs. So the clouds to our west will have a huge impact on visibility. Right now I expect about a 50% sky cover with most of that being to our west.



So my advice get up early and try to see the beginning of the eclipse 6-7am. Make sure you are up high above the tree line or in an open area and hope for no clouds. Worth a try since it’s right when people get up but not expecting this to be a great event for us in the Carolinas. Good luck and send me pictures if you have them.