What is this?

I’ll be honest I’m stumped here. This could be a “hole punch cloud” that I talked about last week or it could be something entirely different. To me it looks like there is a contrail in the middle which would explain the hole punch cloud.

Through the movement is weird and to me pretty odd. Plus how about the nice turtle shell stratus deck it’s moving through?

Hat tip to Jim Loznicka of WJHG for pointing this out.


What do you think?

Video wide:

Close-up view:

  • you should check out Dutchsinse’s channel on youtube..

    believe it or not, i have seen him predict tornadoes fairly accurately 24-48 hours in advance, on more than one occassion…by looking at radar returns… for use of weather modification weapons. he has a damn impressive track record, and it is all on youtube.

    i know ‘tornadoes cant be predicted’…. and maybe that use to be the case, but it isnt coincidence, some of the calls he has made.


    flip his vids by date added and start at the beginning… you will really be surprised.

  • I am thinking a ship moving in tandem with the prevailing low level cloud deck. The rising smoke / heat makes the hole, and a trail (just like one from a plane) is left by condensation in the snip’s exhaust plume.

    • Anonymous

      that very well could be the case, I’ve seen that happen off the the California coast.