• Grace Blanshan

    We’re thinking about making a closet under our stairs. Would this be “our best bet” in a PDS? We don’t have any interior rooms, our lower bathroom has an outside wall…

    • wxbrad

      Grace, that’s very similar to my safe spot. It’s closet under my stairs we use for storage right now. Good choice.

  • thewadsworth@gmail.com

    Thanks for your thoughts on this horrible situation. These guys were safe and I loved all the past shows with Tim where he would put out his orange cone and RUN RUN back to the vehicle, way in advance of the storm. I am still in shock over the loss of these three people. I think we need more shelters and perhaps all mobile home parks should be required to have one and also google maps could one day show public locations of buildings deemed safe for underground shelter. I have a friend who asked my about the house they are moving to, built in 1845, and where to shelter there. There are no stairs. I hope they build an underground shelter of some sort. We have good lead times, we just need places for peeps to go (that allow pets, too!).

  • Paul

    I agree, with one addage: There needs to a preventative measure taken as to where we can “chase”. I believe that It should be limited to local forecast areas, and that each mobile spotter should be encouraged to develop a relationship with that office. Taking “chasecations” is all well and good, but it is leading to unsafe conditions as far as one of the golden rules, which is escape routes. What we do is important, and I believe that a series of good sit downs is in order to get a discussion going on how we can all improve everyone’s safety.

    • wxbrad

      Good ideas for sure Paul.

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