White Christmas History for Charlotte..keep dreaming!

The song goes, dreaming of a white Christmas for a good reason. We rarely if ever get snow on Christmas day in Charlotte. A white Christmas is defined as having measurable snow on the ground or measurable snow falling on Christmas day. 

In 137 years of record in Charlotte, we have only had a white Christmas 4 times. That’s only 2.9% of the years on record. That chance of snow equals the chance of hitting 70° on Christmas, which has also happened four times. The return frequency of a White Christmas is every 34 years. That’s why the White Christmas of 2010 was such a treat. That was the first one in 63 years and a true rarity it snowed in the entire state of North Carolina.


So What abut this year?

Better chance of 70° this year than snow, so keep dreaming. Looks like temperatures will be in the 60s for sure and depending on clouds and southwest flow could be upper 60s.