Why I still love staring at the sky

Those who know me well know that since the age of 6 I have had a fascination with weather. I would stare at the sky for hours on end and was just utterly fascinated with every aspect of how and why weather happened. I’ve been extremely lucky to turn that passion and fascination into a career which I enjoy immensely. Though as my TV career has gone on I find myself staring at computer screens more than the sky…. I miss looking at the sky. I still find myself doing it at odd times walking in and out of work. Much to the bewilderment of co-workers getting out of their cars.  LOLIn the past few years I have found a new way to do more of it and enjoy it more through photography. Now I am totally an amateur at it but have really started to get inspired by local photographers and friends to take more pictures of the sky. My wife was so kind to buy me a new Canon T3i last Christmas which I carry with me almost all the time just in case I see something I need to capture.

That brings me to one of my biggest inspirations and that is landscape time-lapses. One very talented photographer in South Dakota Randy Halverson does some of the most amazing things with his rigs and the unbelievable skies of the Dakotas.  One of his crowning achievements is Temporal Distortion an awe-inspiring video of various time lapses of the stars, auroras, weather and the landscape of the Dakotas. The music is amazing too, featuring an original score by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Eureka, etc)

So if you are on a computer turn up the volume and make this full screen in HD and see why I still love staring at the sky!


Temporal Distortion from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

More of Randy’s work can be found on his site. http://dakotalapse.com/

Please share your best pictures of the sky, landscapes or time-lapse with me on any of my social channels on the right.