A look ahead to the PGA Championship weather

So we are now just one week away from round one at the Quail Hollow Club and the PGA Championship here in Charlotte. So the questions start, What will the weather be like? It’s still early, but I’m starting to have some ideas on what we might see. 

The Good News:

It looks like it will be mild by August standards there are no signs of major heat or anything like that. In fact, with a dip in the jet stream and trough, it looks like the mid-80s will be the average high during all four rounds of the tournament.  Both of the major long range model ensembles means show temperatures in this range. Alos of not the toughiness in the middle of the country late next week.

The Bad news:

With the trough to our west, we will be the broad southerly flow of moisture out of the Gulf of Mexico. There also appears to be several waves of energy moving through the area late next week. The net results would be pretty stormy weather each day. Likely scattered storms likely each day of the tournament. Right now I’d say rain chances each day would be in the 40-60% range.

Not set in stone yet:

Remember we are still seven days out and any slight change in the position of the trough could bring us drier weather and hotter weather. We also could luck out, and trough sets up further east, and it’s drier and cooler. Makes sure you check back with me and follow me @wxbrad on Twitter and Facebook as I’ll be posting weather updates all week long.