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Why cold weather gives you lower gas mileage

Gas may be cheap now but it’s still a huge expense for many. I know I am kind of OCD about my MPG in my car. I used to keep track of it on my iPhone and track it over time. Since last year when I got a new car which now keeps track of it for me right in the on-board computer.  Though it is still more accurate to calculate your MPG after every fill-up.  Read more

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Why the Duke Emergency sirens test seemed so loud today.

The second Wednesday of every quarter throughout the year Duke power tests it’s network of audio emergency sirens. These sirens serve to warn residents of both nuclear emergencies, flooding from dam failures or water releases from their hydro power plants and even tornadoes in certain circumstances.

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Making Snow in Your Backyard

About 5 years ago I made my own at home snowmaker. It was pretty easy to do if you have a good air compressor and some basic plumbing fittings. These parts and good cold dry air resulted in some pretty good snow my first time out. The cool part of doing this is the knowing the science behind making snow and being the coolest dad in your neighborhood!

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