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False Start To Spring Again

So allegedly Spring begins when the Vernal Equinox occurs on Thursday at 12:57 pm. While this is strictly the astronomical start to Spring and Meteorological Spring started on March 1st.  Both of these dates seem totally irrelevant this year. Read more

The coldest January in Charlotte in 37 Years

Well this likely comes as no shock to many but January 2014 was very cold in Charlotte. It was also very cold across the eastern half of the country. I have some amazing stats to share with you on the cold of this past month. Hopefully this will put this past deep freeze into to perspective for you. Read more

Weather & Climate Summit 2014

Live from Breckenridge, CO. I’ll be Tweeted and posted updated while here at the conference

Follow along on Twitter #wxcs2014

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Why a 50% chance of rain usually means a 100% chance of confusion.

It’s one of the most misunderstood terms in all of weather, the chance of rain. You hear it and see in just about every weather forecast nowadays but few people really understand exactly what it means. Whenever people hear the chance of rain I find that every person interprets it slightly differently. So when we say there’s a 40% chance of rain some people think that’s means 40% of the area will see rain. Some people think it means it will rain 40% of the time. Some people just think it’s the odds of seeing rain. The 3rd option is the closest to the truth but it’s not the whole story. Read more

Solstice Sun Spikes on Doppler Radar

Today is the summer solstice when we have the highest sun angle of the entire year at 78.4° above the horizon at solar noon. Most people know this at the astronomical beginning of summer. One very good way to see how the sun angle changes by season is to look at the sun spikes which appear briefly on Doppler radar twice a day at sunrise and sunset. Read more

Quail Hollow Weather Climatology Through 2013


Wells Fargo Championship, Formerly, Quail Hollow Championship and Wachovia Championship

2013 become the coldest tournament on record with an average high temperatures of 63°. The final round here in 2013 becomes the coldest round on record with high temperatures of only 57°.

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The cold March of 2013

March is in the books and most people could not be happier since it was the 5th coldest since 1939 in Charlotte. That’s when they moved the official observations to the airport. The average temperature for the month was 46.1° which was 5.1° below the 30 year average. If you go back to 1878 when records began in Charlotte this was the 8th coldest on record. What makes this March seem so much colder is the fact that last March we had the 2nd warmest on record. Read more

Charlotte had a warm & dry 2012

Now that 2012 is in the record books here’s the highlights of what was a warm and dry year in the Charlotte region.

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Top Ten Weather Events for 2012

In no particular order because it’s always hard to compared events against each other. Here are the ten biggest weather story of 2012 for our area.

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Winter is the season of extremes not Summer

With all the heat of the past month around Charlotte and the talk of extreme weather. I thought I’d take a look at when we really do get our extreme weather in the Charlotte area. I already knew when this was but when you look at the actual numbers there are quite revealing. In this case I’m going to be talking just about temperatures and their extremes or in this case record highs and lows.

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