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Tropical Storm Erika needs to be watched

Unlike Danny, which was doomed by dry air and shear almost from the get go. Erika’s path is into an area were slow, but steady intensification is likely. If Erika makes it through the dry air and shear of the next 48-72 hrs and gets into the extreme southern Bahamas, then it will be able to intensify much more.  There is still a big “If” that happens. Read more

Charlotte Snow History

What El Nino could mean for Charlotte this winter.

So by now we have all seen the headlines about the strong El Nino that is building. Most people probably aren’t entirely sure what El Nino is let alone what a “Godzilla” El Nino means. (Side not I hate headlines like that).  So let’s talk about what El Nino actually is and what it could mean for the upcoming winter here in the Southeast.  Read more

Marine Forecast

Hurricane Seasonal Outlooks raise awareness but take with a grain of salt.

We are less than a week away from the beginning of the 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season. Now we have all of the seasonal outlooks in hand including the NOAA forecast released today. While I appreciate the attempts at these seasonal outlooks they are pretty much useless for the general public other than to raise awareness for hurricane preparedness. Read more