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Positive Lightning: Why it’s so dangerous

I have been showing lightning counts on TV over the past few weeks with all our thunderstorms. I show total lightning counts per 30 mins but I also show the number of negatively charged lightning strikes and the positive charged lightning strikes. Read more

Potential For Strong Storms late tonight & Thursday

A large complex of thunderstorms will develop today across the Ohio valley. The complex will make a run at the Carolinas late tonight and early Thursday morning. The real question is will it weaken as it moves in or will it hold together long enough to produce damaging winds?

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Perspective on the accuracy of Meteorologists

I know what you are thinking. “Here we go another Meteorologist telling me how great they are”. That is not the purpose of this blog post. I am simply attempting to put what we do in perspective. Plus I’m fascinated by how we perceive certain things about weather forecasting versus other professions we are all familiar with. Read more

Mecklenburg County Tornado History

Yesterday Mecklenburg County had the 1st tornado warnings issued in the county since September 2011. It also ended up with the 1st confirmed tornado since March of 2012 when a un warned tornado touched down in the Reedy Creek Neighborhood. Read more

Strong Storms with Flash Flooding Potential Thursday.

The set-up for Thursday is more and more looking like a high threat of strong storms along with flash flooding. The severe threat is conditional on how much instability we will see or heating. The Flood threat seems to be much more likely at this point. Read more

The Carolina Tornado Outbreak of May 5th, 1989

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the worst tornado outbreak to affect the western Carolinas since 1950. This outbreak had the largest number of violent tornadoes to strike the area. There were 3 EF-4 tornadoes on this date. For perspective since then only 1 EF-4 tornado has struck the area since. Read more

3 Rounds of Severe Weather This Week

Today is the calm before a very stormy week ahead. Take this time now to prepare for 3 separate rounds of severe weather and combined all of them will produce a Flash Flood Risk as well.

Remember each wave of storms could impact the next wave so don’t let the severity or lack of severity of the early rounds make you let your guard down. Read more

Severe Weather in April 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

What a difference a few years back. Last night I talked about the tornado outbreak of April 16th, 2011 in the Carolinas. I was recalling how crazy that month was for the area for the entire month of April. We had 2 tornado outbreaks a derecho and a baseball size hail event all within in about a 3 week period. Read more

Wells Fargo Championship Weather History

The Wells Fargo Championship celebrates its 11th year in Charlotte next week April 28th-May4th. It has gone by a few other names in the past but here’s a look at the weather for every single year dating back to 2003 and some other weather facts: Read more

Frost & Freeze Protection

With a freeze tonight & possible again tomorrow night  There are a few things you can do today to help prevent damage to your garden. Temperatures tonight will drop to around 29°-30° for 1-3 hours. Tomorrow night they will drop into the low mid-30s for a few hours. Tonight is the bigger threat but both could damage tender plants. Here are a few things you can do to help prevent damage.

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